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What you know is worth a LOT more than you think. No matter what your career, what your profession, what life experiences you've had, you can turn your knowledge and know-how into SERIOUS money. Do you realize thousands of people are desperate to know what you know right now? There’s no debate about it! The most successful speakers in the world, those who earn over $250,000 a year, have simply learned the SECRET of how to share their expertise with audiences that will pay them over and over for it – all around the world!

But what do these SIX FIGURE speakers have? One thing’s for sure – Most of them don't have degrees from fancy colleges. As a matter of fact, the vast majority aren't the CEO's of major corporations or even famous political or religious leaders. Here’s the plain and undeniable truth: They're just ordinary people who've learned how to produce extraordinary RESULTS in others with their inspirational messages. Ordinary people who started off just like you, and just like Judy Carter.



Judy Carter's

Speaking Career

in a Box

Everything you need to know to make a six figure income in the professional speaking industry


  • 3 Interactive DVDs
  • 5 Hours of Instruction
  • 327 Insider Career Tips
  • 142 Page Workbook

  • (free shipping)



Judy has been where you are now. As a matter of fact, you’re probably in a BETTER place then where she first started! Judy had no special training as a speaker or even as a business professional. All she had was a dream. And the willingness to take ACTION to improve her life! Along the way, she learned every trick in the book, every shortcut, every step needed to drastically shorten the road to INCREDIBLE speaking success. Sure, others can claim to offer everything you need to know. But how much have they ACTUALLY earned as a speaking professional? They probably won’t tell you. Because ONLY Judy puts her money where her mouth is!

Judy Carter can show you how to create an impressive speech from virtually ANY part of your professional or personal life experience. It doesn’t matter whether you're a teacher, lawyer, doctor, accountant, architect, sales person, psychologist, chocolate taster, incest survivor, recovering alcoholic or aspiring politician, learning how to effectively communicate with audiences can AMPLIFY the success you already have -- PLUS bring you the prestige and recognition you deserve!



Terrific speakers are always in demand – in good times and bad. But you have to know how to find the RIGHT audience, the groups that will pay the highest speaking fees. Not to worry! Judy Carter covers every inch of how to locate and contact these organizations and corporations. She reveals the best ways of presenting yourself, professional strategies that will get you BOOKED, plus the major mistakes that other speakers always seem to make.

Now take a moment. What would it be worth to have a career that will NEVER be outdated or outsourced? What would it be worth to your family to have source of income that could never be taken away? What would it be worth to be respected and appreciated by thousands of grateful people across the country? You can’t put a price on it! But if you VALUE the rest of your life, and truly believe in what you can ultimately achieve, then the sky’s the limit! So imagine no more. Let Judy Carter show you how to SOAR towards your dreams and success!


Bonus 4th DVD: "Judy's Own Director's Cut" with 37 answers to your questions as well as a 50% off coupon for personal consultations with Judy herself via Skype.

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Why Should You LISTEN To Judy Carter?

Judy Carter, world-renowned author of “The Comedy Bible” and “Standup Comedy: The Book,” has been featured on Oprah, CNN, ABC World News Tonight and more. She has shared the stage with everyone from Deepak Chopra to President Clinton.

In the corporate world, Judy's humor and speaking techniques have helped numerous Fortune 500 companies and their employees adapt to stress and change. Her work with corporate America has made her an in-demand speaker across the country. Judy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Success Magazine.

The National Speaker’s Association chose her – out of thousands of professional speakers -- to deliver their keynote address – twice. Judy knows exactly how to build a wildly successful career, and now she and her hand picked industry insiders show you everything you need to know to build your own six figure income as a professional speaker.


Here is a specific breakdown of what you get in the Speaking Career in a Box DVDs:

DVD One - Nuts and Bolts of the Speaking Industry

This DVD gives you insider secrets – not just myths and guesses -- on how speakers really get work.  You’ll learn the many ways and career niches – (beyond just “motivational” speaking) where speakers can earn maximum income.  By the end, you’ll have the knowledge to define a subject and title for your speech that’s more than just a name.  You’ll have a theme that puts you solidly on the path to success.

  • Introduction to the Speaking Industry
  • Keynotes, Breakouts, Trainings, and More: Which One is Right for You?
  • Finding Your Niche: Picking Topics that will Get You Hired
  • The Core Premise: What It Is -- and How to Find Yours
  • Name it! Creating a Speech Title that will Get You Booked
  • How to Land Your First Gig
  • In Real Time: The Day-to-Day Life of a Professional Speaker

  • (free shipping)

DVD Two - A 30 Day Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Money Making Speech

This DVD gives you a concrete timetable and proven action plan that turns your dreams into reality.  Judy expertly leads you through her unique 6-step program to craft a master speech that entertains and inspires -- and gets you booked!

  • Opening Strong: How to Get Them to Love You in 60 Seconds
  • Your Core Premise: The Solution They've Been Looking For
  • The Sympathetic Expert: Establishing your Credentials to let your Audience Know you Care
  • Action Steps: Transforming Ideas into Action
  • Tears Sell: Finding your "Heart Story" - And How to Use it to get Standing Ovations
  • Call to Action: Why the Last Few Sentences are the Most Important - And how to get them right
  • Just Do It! Judy Creates a Speech in 30 Days

  • (free shipping)


DVD Three - Marketing that Works: Everything You Need to Know about Getting Gigs and Making Money

This DVD arms you with an arsenal of effective and dynamic marketing strategies for selling yourself, your speech, merchandise, services, and more for maximum value.  And -- as an added bonus -- Judy serves up a delicious dessert of incredible tricks and tips that will put you years ahead of your competition.

  • How to Get a Terrific Demo Video without Spending a lot of Money
  • Five Common Mistakes that can Turn a Gig into a Disaster - and How to Avoid Them
  • Building your Speaking Resume: The 10-Step Crash Course to Establish your Expert Credentials Fast!
  • Discovering Your Brand: The Secret to Why Meeting Planners will Book YOU and not your Competition
  • Secrets to Creating a Website that will Get You Work - without Spending a Fortune!
  • Working It: Day-to-Day Marketing that will Get you Gigs
  • How to Negotiate and Set your Fee for Maximum Income
  • Inside Tips from a Speaker Bureau: How to Get a Speaker Agent to Book You
  • Do you want fries with that? -- Back of the Room Merchandising and Alternative Income Streams

  • (free shipping)


Bonus DVD Director's Cut - 37 Fantastic Tips We Didn't Want to Leave Off the DVD

  • How do I make sure that I have a lasting impression with my audience?
  • What do I do when a cell phone rings and interrupts my speech?
  • Where do I sell merchandise?
  • How do I get the audience’s attention when I first walked out? Especially if they’re eating?
  • Is the setup of the room important for the audience to enjoy my speech?
  • How do you memorize your speech?
  • What topics should I stay clear of when doing corporate engagements?
  • How much can I expect to make from my first year as a speaker?
  • What do I do, if the audience is dead, and the speech is tanking?
  • What should I do if I get nervous? Should I take light drugs or should I drink?

  • (free shipping)


142 Page Instructional Student Workbook

This detailed workbook walks you through each step and stage of becoming a motivational speaker. Each chapter in each DVD refers to a chapter in a workbook with exercises designed to get you real life results! This is professional training that is easy to understand.

(free shipping)







Judy coaches Jake Pavelka from "The Bachelor."

"After being on the “Bachelor” and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” I was hired to give a speech.  My agent referred me to Judy Carter.  Working with Judy was fun and my speech got a standing ovation.  Thanks Judy!"

"After learning your speaking and marketing techniques, I got my first paid gig! $750 plus a nice lunch! Thanks Judy."

---Jodi Weisberg

"Judy helps bring my expertise to the audience in a funny, relaxed and dynamic way, so the people sitting out there say, where's the book she's selling!"

---Becky Buckley

"If you are serious about your dream of being a paid speaker, Judy's insight will help you get there faster.I love how Judy laid it all out for you. I wish this was available when I started my career!"

---Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

"Judy Carter is the most knowledgeable speaking teacher I have encountered. Not only does she know her stuff, but she also presents it in a fun and entertaining manner and really inspires and motivates you to get going on your speaking career. As a direct result of her training, I have joined Toastmasters and recently won a trophy in our area-wide humorous speech competition, performed on the bill with Robin Williams and Dana Carvey before an audience of over 900, and am on my way to becoming a corporate motivational speaker. I highly recommend Judy’s training."

---Mark Miller



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