Resources for Speakers

Networking for Speakers

Get to know your fellow speakers. They can be one of your best resources.

Social Comedy Workshops -

Toastmasters -

National Speaker Association -

Electronic Press Kit

Free site that let’s you create and send your EPK [Electronic Press Kit]

Speaker Demo -

Speaking Topics Currently in Demand

• Stress Reduction

• Healthcare

• Sales

• Presentation Skills

• Sports and Adventure

• Campus Issues - NACA

• Women's Issues

• Workplace Appropriateness

• Employee Retention

• Creativity Workshop

• Life Work Balance

• Stress Management

Websites with More Great Ideas for Speaking Topics

Need some more ideas for speaking topics? Here are some great websites with ideas galore.

Get to know your fellow speakers. They can be one of your best resources.

All Business Speakers & Topics -

Speech Topics -

Persuasive Speech Topics -

Topic Selection Helper -

Best Speech Topics -

10 Tips for Public Speaking: Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety -

Great Persuasive Speech Topics -

Great Informative Speech Topics -

Today's Talking Topics -

Resources to Build Your Own Website

You don't have to spend a lot of money for a website. Here are some links to with easy instructions on how to build your website.

Aplus Net -

Create Your Own Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide -

How To Make Your Own Website For Free! -

How to Build a Website -

Quickit - Create a Website -

wikiHow - Make a Website -

eHow - Build a Website - (hosted for free by Wordpress) - (self-hosting - you hire a hosting company) -

WordPress Tutorial - (how to create your Wordpress site)

Once your website is up, you want people to find you on the web. Here are some tools to find those all-important keywords to place on your site, so that you will rank on the first page of Google.

Google Keyword Tool -

Google Keyword Tool Help -

Google Insights for Search -

Google - Hot Trends -

Google Tools Quick Links -

Websites to Help You Put Together Your Speech

Need some pointers on putting together that speech, quickly? Here are some helpful links.

Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking -

Getting Started in Public Speaking -

Organize Your Speech -

Preparing Speeches -

How To Write a Business or Social Speech -

eHow - How to Write a Speech -

Sign-up to Receive Consultation from Judy Carter -

Samples of One Sheets and How to Create a One Sheet

A "one sheet" is a powerful marketing tool for any public motivational speaker, check out these samples and instructions on how to make one!

Judy's one sheet -

eHow - How to Create an Artist One Sheet (adaptable) -

How to Create an Artist One Sheet -

One Sheet Covers it ALL -

eHow - Write a One Page Brochure -

Links to Affordable Video and Audio Equipment

You don't need Hollywood connections or tons of money for video and audio equipment, check out these great deals!

cNet - Video Recorder Reviews -

Affordable Video Recorders

Canon Video Recorders

Sony Video Recorders

Panasonic Video Recorders

Professional Video Recorders

Professional Video Recorders (All Brands)

Flip Cam - Inexpensive Consumer Video Camera

Flip Cam - Video Recorders

Lavalier Microphone

Low-Cost, Highly Rated

Professional Grade

Presentation Tools

Powerpoint Remote Control to Control Slides

Netbooks (small laptops)

Ultrabooks (power of laptops, but light like netbooks)


Recommended iPhone Apps

iPhone apps can make your life as a motivational speaker soooo much easier. Here are a few cool ones!

Google Voice (free app which transcribes your voice mail and emails it to you)

Open Table (where you can make your reservations)

Flight Status (to immediately tell you if your flight is late)

Perfect rhyme (use this on the plane ride for the customized songs to put in your speech, as it doesn't need a wife connection)

Layar (point your iPhone in a direction and it will tell you what you're looking at with info from Wikipedia, etc.)

Run Keeper (help you keep your exercise program going on the road)

Here are some websites to get the latest and greatest iPhone apps.

iPhone Application Search -

Gizmodo App of the Day -

Gizmodo Best Apps of the Week -

Sample Contracts for Public Speakers

Don't get ripped off or underpaid for your speaking, get it in writing. Here are some real samples of public speaking contracts.

How to Write Your Booking Contract -

Speaker Contract Sample -

Speaker Contract Sample -

Speaker Contract Sample Template -

Speaker Contract Sample -

Speaker Contract Sample -

Speaker Contract Sample -

Speaker Contract Sample -

CRM Solutions For Speakers

Keep track of your clients and gigs in the palm of your hand with a handy CRM.

Sugar CRM

Salesforce -

ZoHo -

Microsoft Dynamics CRM -

Prophet -

Find expert to help you setup your CRM -

Sample of fee schedule

Judy's Fee Schedule

Companies That Create Customized Merchandise

Turn yourself into a marketing machine with fun items with your logo and name on them. These companies (below) will create the product for you that your clients and potential clients will never forget!

CafePress -

Branders -

Promo Peddler -

Think Alike -

ias promotes -

Gimmees -

Promotional Promos

Surge Promo -

Inkhead -

Promotional Product Deals -